SegWit2X Participates in Dallas Blockchain Conference

Dear friends, miners, and B2X supporters, we would like to discuss the results of our participation in the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference which was held on February 16-18, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. SegWit2X team members installed the advertising stand near the entrance to the conference hall and networked with 100+ potential partners.

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SegWit2X Adopts the Hybrid Consensus POW & POS

There are two main mechanisms providing the consensus helping to confirm new blocks on a distributed ledger called a Blockchain. These are POW (Proof-of-Work) and POS (Proof-of-Stake).

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The Functionality of the Segwit2X Network Has Been Updated. Introducing Hybrid Mining

The SegWit2X softfork has happened recently on the 528750 block. The newest updates have turned the B2X into a really revolutionary and unique coin. As the result of the softfork, the hybrid mining POW & POS protocols are introduced.

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A SegWit2X Partner - Zumminer Platform, Activates B2X Wallet

We received great news from one of our partners a couple days ago, cryptowallet provider and mining facility – Zumminer.

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SegWit2X and Returns Stolen Assets to Miners

Dear friends, miners, and SegWit2X fork followers, you all remember the news post about the misfortune. It happened at the end of January when 6K of B2X was illegally withdrawn from miners’ accounts.

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SegWit2X Team Works on Implementation of Hybrid Protocol Consensus POW & POS

As the result of the additional hardfork, the hybrid mining will be introduced. We decided to implement this function to make the mining process even more secure. SegWit2X team is also planning to adopt POW and POS mechanisms, and this intention is going to be realized by the end of february as well as embed the light version of B2X wallet.

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SegWit2X Distributes B2X at Dallas Blockchain Conference

Dear friends and SegWit2X followers, we have already announced the participation of our team in the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference held in Dallas (Texas) on February 16-18, 2018.

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Seeking Gifted Developers to Participate in SegWit2X Hackathon Challenge

Dear friends, my name is Jaap Terlouw, and I’m the Founder and CEO at SegWit2X. First of all, let me thank you for your support and active mining of B2X. We do hope that the fork facilitated the mining processes tenfold as that was the goal.

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Support B2X for Enlistment on Binance and Kucoin Exchanges and Participate in Voting

Our dearest followers of SegWit2X and B2X owners, we are happy to share some news with you. Quite recently two popular exchange platforms Kucoin and Binance received inquiries from us to evaluate our project and enlist our coin in their platforms.

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Use SegWit2X Official Website and Wallets Only

Dear friends, supporters, and investors, please, make sure that you get the latest news from our official SegWit2X website. Quite recently, with the growing popularity of the fork and B2X coin, cases of fraud became more frequent.

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